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 "What this power is I 
 cannot say; all I know is
 that it exists and it becomes
 available only when a man is
 in that state of mind in
 which he knows exactly
 what he wants and is fully
 determined not to quit until
 he finds it. "

 Alexander Graham Bell



 “History has demonstrated that
  the most notable  winners
  usually encountered      
  heartbreaking obstacles before
  they triumphed. They won 
  because they refused  to 
  become  discouraged by their  
 (B. C. Forbes)

  It has been said there is
  no substitute for good luck. 
  Well that came in the form of
  Stuart Jones.  Turns out he  
  was absolutely gifted at
  working with  our acquirer,
  gained their full  respect and
  was tireless in looking  
  affter   our best interest -    
  coming  up  with one good
  suggestion  after  another.

  Advanced Track Products, LLC
  Wilbur F. Osler


Our Professional Services


Interim Management
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Our Partners' practical experience is augmented by professional qualifications and certifications.  Our partners have extensive experience as:

         •  CEO  (Chief Executive Officer)
         •  CFO  (Chief Financial Officer)
         •  COO (Chief Operating Officer)
         •  CAE  (Chief Audit Executive)
         •  General Manager
         •  Controller
         •  Financial Analyst

Restructuring & Turnarounds                                         Back to Home

Through the experience and world class skill set  of our partners, coupled with the
strength of our financing and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) relationships, PMC is able 
to help restructure your business, or identify and execute the wisest exit  strategy.  Our
services include:

         •  Recapitalizations
         •  Reorganizations
         •  Refinancing
         •  Exit Planning
         •  Liquidations
         •  Receivership and Trustee Services 

Financial Planning, Analysis & Forecasting                     Back to Home 

PMC offers a full range of financial planning, analysis, & forecasting solutions,


         •  Budgets and Forecasts
         •  Financial Modeling

         •  Forecasting      
         •  Investment Pro-Forma Analysis


PMC has established relationships with a variety of lenders, equity investors
(including private equity groups) and high net worth individuals.  We help clients 
find sources of capital to grow or acquire assets, prepare the information required by potential lenders/investors and assist in negotiating transactions:  

•   Equity & Debt Private Placements
         •   Institutional Financing
         •   Bank Financing

Strategic & Business Planning
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PMC assists a variety of businesses to analyze their business models and
develop paths to success through:

         •   Strategic Plans
         •   Business Plans
         •   Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat (SWOT) Analysis

Internal Audit, Risk & Control 

PMC offers comprehensive services to improve the safety and protection of your
assets, including:

         •  Internal Control Reviews
         •  Business Process Cost Efficiency Reviews
         •  Enterprise Risk Management Assessments
         •  Internal Audit Strategies and Audit Plans
         •  Audit Committee Tools and Best Practices
         •  Pre-Implementation Control Reviews
         •  Continuous Forensic Auditing

Business Start-Ups 

PMC assists new businesses:

         •  Business Plans
         •  Registrations
         •  Financing
         •  Staffing

Operating Efficiency Solutions                                          Back to Home

PMC offers a variety services that will add to your bottom line and reveal new
business opportunities.  Our experienced Partners are available to:  
          •  Identify Cost Savings Opportunities
          •  Renegotiate Third Party Contracts to reduce costs
          •  Identify and Implement Process Improvements
          •  Create an Environment of Continuous Improvement          
          •  Strengthen Performance Measurement and Reporting


                               MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS  Back to Home 
PMC is able to support either side of a business sale, but unlike business brokers, we do not
represent both sides in a transaction.  We represent our mid-market clients, advise and protect their interests, and identify opportunities to maximize value.  We are experienced, professional M&A advisors who focus on the financial, legal and operational issues in a transaction.  

               Sell Side Representation

                 •   Valuations
                      •   Offering Memorandum & Presentation Materials
                      •   Marketing Planning and Execution

             • Buy-Side Representation 
                      •   Acquisition Searches
                      •   Pre-Qualification of Acquisition Targets
                      •   Pre-Due Diligence Preparation
                      •   Operational & Financial Due Diligence 
             Post Closing Services 

   Settlement of Adjusted Purchase Price          
                         •    Integration

             • Valuations

                      •     Company and Property Valuation Analysis
                      •     Financial Reporting Support
                      •     Estate and Estate Transfers
                      •     Litigation Support
            Earn Outs

                      •     Analysis and Monitoring 
                      •     Dispute Resolution 


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Owner &  Investor Services

provides a complete line of services for real estate owners and investors,

             Growth and Real Estate Investment Consulting            
         •  Debt and Equity Financing 
         •  Feasibility, Comparability and Pro-Forma Analysis 
         •  Project Budgeting, Planning & Management 
         •  Due Diligence Reviews 
         •  Transaction Management 
         •  Brokerage Services 
         •  Development of Administrative Processes and Systems 
         •  Property Liquidation 
         •  Litigation Support 
         •  Estate Transfers  

Commercial Property & Portfolio Management
PMC has extensive front and back office                    
 capabilities offer a cost effective 
 outsourced solution for our clients' 
 property management needs:

          • Tenant Marketing
          • Centralized Collections & Deposits
          • Bank Reporting
          • Accounting Management Services
          • Risk Management
             • Centralized Vendor and Supplier   
           • Capital Expenditures Management
          • Property Based Staffing

PMC is affiliated with Professional Real Estate Company, LLC.  Local listings and more property management details can be found on their website.

Receiver & Trustee Services 

  has managed clients through a variety of legal reorganizations and liquidations, including:

          • Chapter 11
          • Foreclosures

          • Debt and Equity Financing and  

Real Esate Investment Trusts

          • Management
          • Real Estate Services 


          • Commercial Sales and Leasing

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