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Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
by Shawn Powell Joseph


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Profit Margin Maximization
By Wayne Kalish

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Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Maximizing Profit Margin
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            Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

So often, the success or failure of a process, product launch, or concept comes down to a matter of timing. A few years ago a large, international logistics and freight company ran a series of TV commercials that depicted businesses and retail shop owners beginning the business day with no products to sell or waiting for an important document to arrive just in time for the day to begin. This advertising campaign powerfully conveyed the message of the importance of planning and timing to the success of operations.  The best laid plan, when executed at the right time can propel an organization to the next level. But what happens when the implausible occurs – something that has not been planned for? For organizations operating throughout the Gulf States of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and parts of Florida and Texas, April 20, 2010 marked a moment in time that triggered a series of unforeseen events.  The Deepwater Horizon oil spill started a ripple of profound economic consequences for businesses across five states.

Impact beyond the Gulf Coast.

As the oil from the Deepwater Horizon flowed across the waters of the Gulf, the winds of economic deterioration wisped across thousands of businesses in the Gulf region; touching not only organizations in the coastal areas, but throughout the entire region as well. Why a business owner or large corporation hundreds of miles away from the ‘spill zone’ should consider how the BP Oil spill may have impacted earnings can be summed up with one simple concept: the butterfly effect. The Deepwater Horizon spill is acknowledged to have sent a shockwave through the economies of three states and portions of two others; potentially causing economic damage to businesses and organizations hundreds of miles away from the spill zone, resulting in billions of dollars of damage.

Navigating through the unexpected.

One of the keys to establishing and running a successful organization resides in leadership’s ability to effectively plan for the unexpected. For businesses not directly in the spill zone, the Deepwater Horizon disaster was an event for which there was likely no contingency plan. At Professional Management Company (PMC) leadership and management support through business critical events is our specialty. This unprecedented disaster has also created an unprecedented opportunity for economic recovery. However, as with most great opportunities, planning and timing are critical to successful recovery. It has been said that opportunities multiply as they are seized. Gathering reliable, relevant information is the step in developing an actionable plan. PMC can help organizations to determine eligibility and to navigate the claims process.

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        Profit Margin Maximization

Today’s executive management teams are pulled in so many directions, just trying to steer the ship straight. We at PMC are seasoned professionals who’ve been there before. We’d love to supplement your team by providing value-added services that can only be described as a win-win for all. Here’s a few of the areas where our expertise can bring great value.
           Please talk to us today. 

           Areas of focus include:

A.  Identify inefficiencies within specific  
     operational areas/disciplines. Develop 
     and  implement protocols and pro-   
     cesses to maximize profit margins. 
        1) Banking and Cash Management.
        2) Audit, Legal and other Professional 
            Services, without quality of service

        3) Software Licenses and related
            Maintenance Agreements.
        4) Employee Health programs

              a) Through wellness based, high   
                  deductible plans with strong      
                  claims related controls.
  B.   Workers Compensation and Public
         Liability insurance.

          1) Eliminate claims and reduce
               premium costs through Zero 
               Accident Protocol
  C.   Property Insurance
           1) Optimizing coverage while minimi-                zing premium costs through     
                Zero Accident Protocol

  D.   Renegotiation of vendor contracts in 
         excess of current market rates

  E.    Expert third party negotiators are    
         more likely than company employees 
         to achieve significant cost savings 
         due to lack of personal relationships
         with vendors.

   F.   Identifying and driving profitable   
         revenue growth using a simple          
         Activity Based Costing approach


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Governance, risk and control are important areas that all businesses, public and non-public, need to focus on to ensure your reputational risk is minimized in today’s challenging business landscape. At PMC we have a seasoned internal audit executive that can help you assess your business risk and control environment. The following are two service offerings from our Internal Audit, Risk & Control toolkit that can help your company maximize its opportunities while minimizing your risks.


Entity Level Control Environment Assessment

  • Conduct an independent assessment of a company’s entity level control environment.
  • Entity level controls are those controls with a span of influence that reach beyond specific processes and have a pervasive effect on the company. For example: core values, mission, regular senior level open communications, budgets, strategic plans, oversight and compliance processes, key performance metrics monitoring, risk management process, periodic operational reviews, HR hiring practices, IT security, etc.
  • The review will be conducted on-site primarily through inquiry and observation of key company personnel and examination of selected documentation.
  • At the conclusion of the review a report will be issued disclosing the adequacy of the entity level control environment. Identification of control gaps will be provided, if applicable.

Business Risk Management Process Assessment

  • Conduct an independent assessment of a company’s business risk management process.
  • Using a proven methodology, identify a company’s key business objectives, assess top risks and align mitigation initiatives.
  • The review will be conducted on-site primarily through inquiry and observation of key company personnel.
  • At the conclusion of the review a Business Risk Summary report will be issued identifying business objectives, primary risks, key mitigations, extent of risk after mitigations and management ownership of risks.

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Hospitality Services


PMC has been engaged by the developers of Lake Vonda Resort (, a vacation ownership resort in southwestern Tennessee.  Partner David Branson is currently providing financial planning and analysis services and advice on general operational matters as the resort team initiates its marketing programs and prepares to open for guests in late spring.


Our Hospitality practice team will begin marketing its services, on a nationwide basis, to owners of hotel, resort and leisure lifestyle real estate projects in May. Lead by Partners David Branson, Shawn Powell Joseph and Wayne Kalish, PMC will offer its expertise to owners of these niche properties to assist with financial planning and identification for additional capital to accomplish renovations, expansions and adaptive re-use; review and assist in the improvement of operational and real estate business strategies and tactics and, if appropriate, assist with the formation and execution of exit strategies.

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